I love these "Happy Birthday" messages! You've given me lots of new ideas. Your third message is my favourite: "A new year of life that brings in load of happiness and wonderful memories. You are not just a guide but a mentor. Wishing you a happy birthday anniversary!". Thank you for another great hub, incomeguru. I have voted this one up.

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We offer the best ranges of Happy Birthday Messages and we’ll help you find just the perfect words. Here’s a collection of Top 60 Birthday Wishes for your Boss or Mentor. Any of them will do just fine. Birthday Message For Boss. These birthday wishes will encourage your boss or mentor to keep being awesome. Go ahead and send it.

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Your boss's birthday is an occasion to pay him compliments that make him comfortable, confident, and happy. BirthdayFrenzy enlists some birthday wishes for boss. Professional Birthday Wishes for Employers and Employees Behind the strict character is a sweet and accommodating personality of a boss. As you celebrate this milestone, I want you to know that you are the best thing that ever happened to my career. Happy birthday. You are a leader of courage and vision. We owe our success to your astute directives. Happy birthday to my wonderful boss. 100 Sweet Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes For - Answers 100 Sweet Happy Birthday Messages and Wishes For Friends and Family Birthdays are among the most celebrated events of our lives. It is always very special, and comes with a lot of gratitude, good wishes and hopes of better days ahead. To invite friends' former boss to my birthday when they didn't I can't really invite the people 'people in common' without inviting the former boss! AIBU to invite this man knowing that my two friends didn't get on with him?!? AIBU to not mention it beforehand to them? Or is it a case of, it's my party anyway and I can I invite whoever I want?