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DELLパソコン多数レビュー!CINEBENCH R15のレンダリング性能

I didn't know Cinebench could glitch in this manner but it must have artificially inflated my score. I only looked at the score and then quickly loaded hwinfo64 and cpu-z for validation/ system specs. I was personally unaware this could happen in Cinebench and is something I will check from now on.

Let's explore just how far we've come in the instructions-per-clock battle, since 2011!

Napätie bolo pri tomto rune 1.45Vcore(to už vzduchový chladič nedával), ale reálne mu stačí 1.425V, čož je brutálny rozdiel oproti QX9650, ktoré na tento takt potrebujú napätie o 0.2V! Podívejte se s námi na recenze, testy a novinky o počítačích, hardware, software, IT, internetu a spotřební elektronice. The eight-core Ryzen 7-1800X was overclocked by Swedish overclocker Elmor, to 5.36 GHz with all its cores and threads enabled, scoring 2,454 points in Cinebench R15, surpassing the previous world record on the HWBot leaderboard held by a…

Watch The Intel Core i7-8700K Run CINEBENCH R15 5 Oct 2017 Take a look at the new Intel Core i7-8700K processor running CINEBENCH R15! hamy ryzen 1800x scored 1786 @ 3.95ghz on multi !! Cinebench r15 vs r20 - PCPartPicker

同情するならコアをくれ…Cinebench R15で改めて自分のPCの遅さに絶望してみた | 今回は、「MAXON Cinebench Ranking Benchmark Results R15 Scores Database」というサイトを参照しました。 上記URLにアクセスし、リスト右端の「CPU Score Multi 15」をクリックして値を降順でソートしてみます。