11 Nov 2019 Apple confirmed that the mic is not working on iPhone 7/7 Plus for some users. The issue may also prevent affected customers from being heard during phone calls or FaceTime video chats.” Hard reset your iPhone.

Steps to fix and settings for increased call volume in iPhone 6 and 6 plus, 7, 7 Plus: iOS 12, iOS 11/9/8/7. iOS 13 Users Can Find the Accessibility Settings here for iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus or Later, Open Settings app > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Phone Noise Cancellation and Left/Right Audio Balance as well. Call Sound Issues With iPhone XS/XR/X or iPhone 8, How-To Fix 1. When I made calls, I couldn't hear the dialling tones and the persons I called, but they could clearly hear me at their end. 2. When I received calls, my iPhone X would ring in the normal way; I couldn't hear the caller, but they could clearly hear me. I had to use speakerphone to be able to hear the people I called and to hear my

The iPhone 7 series of devices have proven to be very unreliable, suffering from flex-based issues similar to the iPhone 6 Plus (Touch Disease). On the iPhone 7, the fault line runs along the top of the SIM card reader and affects the Baseband CPU and Audio IC. Any short copper traces running perpendicular to the fault line while connecting to How to fix iPhone 8 sound issues (no volume, no call notifications, can Problem #1: iPhone 8 Plus speaker volume does not work, can't hear callers. I have an iPhone 8 plus that is a little less than 4 months old. Over the past month I have been having nothing but problems with it since the new upgrade. My speaker/volume don't work. I can't place calls or and when people call the phone doesn't ring and i SOLVED: I can't hear my phone calls unless I put it on speaker. - iPhone 4 I can't hear my phone calls unless I put my phone on speaker, but everyone can hear me fine—even if my iPhone is not placed on speaker. I've taken really good care of it and have only dropped it once, which was a few months ago. I just woke up the other morning after charging it, and it no longer works right. I've tried everything, including

No ringtone is heard on incoming calls on your Apple iPhone 7

Apple devices Charcoal – Bose SoundTrue Ultra in-ear headphones… iPhone 7/ 8/ X Adapter and Splitter, Earldom 2 in 1 Earphone Adapter, Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Audio Adapter for iPhone X 8 7 plus, Support iOS 10.3 & iOS 11 (NO Calling Function)

Some people find their iPhone call volume gets low and they can hardly hear the people on the other end, so we want to tell you 7 solutions to fix the problem.

If you can't hear the ringer when there is an incoming call to your Apple iPhone, there are a few things that can cause the issue. Here is a list of things to try. My iPhone Speaker Sounds Muffled! Here's The Fix. 26 Jul 2019 An Apple expert explains why your iPhone speaker sounds muffled The hardware (the physical speakers) then plays the noise so you can hear it. the speakers are muffled when you receive a phone call or notification. iPhone Speaker Not Working? 8 Ways to Fix It - Lifewire You can't hear calls, alerts, music, and more. Here are 8 ways to fix it. Fixing an iPhone whose speaker doesn't work isn't necessarily hard, but it can be tricky. Fix iPhone not ringing incoming calls, text alert - Syncios